Micro Credit Project/ Community Development Initiatives

St Moses Children’s Care Centre promotes community development through the Micro Credit Initiatives as a strategy to address family problems.  Through women groups of 10-15, women and the children welfare are considered as a priority because of their high level of vulnerability to social problems like poverty, illnesses, gender-based violence, low involvement in community activities among others.


When groups are formed, members are empowered with different skills and knowledge so as to enhance their abilities and potential.  It should be noted that formation of these groups is based on a collective support with the community people and leadership.  This is so, so that the people own the empowerment and development process and participate fully in their activities.

These groups are formed with the aim of increasing community collaboration in as far as Community Development and leadership are concerned among the orphaned and vulnerable families. Loans which range from phase to phase depending on their performance are given. Performance is measured in terms of loan repayment as well as fulfillment of group objectives. The first phase for a member to get is not more than 200,000Ugx, an amount that has to be paid within six months. These loans are charged with a small interest to cover some of the administrative costs. The groups are encouraged to save an amount approved by them on a monthly basis. This leads to sustainability of the groups as well.


St. Moses Primary School

The school was built by the St. Moses Centre in 1984 and enlarged in 1996. It is registered by the Ministry of Education and caters for the Centre’s children and those of the surrounding Communities. Subjects taught are English, Luganda, Swahili, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Home Science, and Computer.


The Management of the school is separate from the Centre’s. The Centre’s Administrator is a member of the School’s Management Committee.



Child Care and Sponsorship

All sponsored Orphans and vulnerable children stay with their relatives in the Communities. The most vulnerable cases however are accommodated in the Boarding section with others of the Boarding children until a given period of time. Also sponsored semi candidates and candidates at Primary level stay in the Boarding Section as there is intensive learning and preparation for final exams at the end of Primary 7.

Monitoring of all sponsored children in their respective homes and schools is done by the Center's Social worker and are called upon once in a quarter to the Center for Psycho-social support and career guidance sessions. Home and family support is provided by the Center with the use of funds of the foster parents, donations and via the Micro Finance program of the Center to enable improved standards of living for the good of the children.



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